International Specialized Exhibition of Fur and Leather Garments
part of the exhibition Leather and Shoes

Conditions of participation

1. Advertising in official catalogue of the exhibition on Organizer`s website www.artexpo.ua

Is color page

800 euro

Firm logo

20 euro

2. Advertising in guide of exhibition

Сolor cover page

800 euro

Сolor page

700 euro

Logo on the plan of the Exhibition (color)

200 euro

3. Advertising in an electronic ticket

1 block

500 euro

4. Direct E-mailing of advertising newsletter to exhibition visitors (own base)


1000 euro

5. Rental of the press center

Rental of the press center for seminars and conferences (120 - 140 seats, without equipment), 1 hour

220 euro

6. Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising (30 seconds)

20 euro

7. Mounting and fixation of decoration elements on the ceiling (up to 20 kg). During the whole period of the exhibition

1 point of fixation on the height up to 8 m

40 euro

1 point of fixation on the height up to 14 m

60 euro

1 point of fixation on the height of dated 14m

75 euro

Weight construction 20 kg to 100 kg

Coefficient 2

Weight construction 100 kg to 150 kg

Coefficient 3

8. Lifting of suspended structures with winches (hoists)

Winch (hoists)  

50 euro

9. Mounting and fixation of advertising banners

Mounting and fixation of advertising banners (vertical, max sizes: 2 x 3 m), mounting and fixation of advertising devices on the ceiling. During the whole period of the exhibition  

250 euro

Mounting and fixation of advertising banners on the balcony for the duration of the exhibition.

150 euro

*Mounting and fixation one of advertising banner or device, strictly over stand


10. Advertising pillar placing on the territory of exhibition in agreed places

1 item during all exhibition time

150 euro

11. Putting of the advertising posters, flyers, stickers on the confirmed places(during the whole period of the exhibition)

1 piece (A1) for a day

20 euro

12. Putting of the advertising posters on the floor (aisles, stands) in agreed places

1 piece (up to 0.5 sq.m.) per day

20 euro

13. Mounting and fixation of balloons and pneumatic constructions on the ceiling of IEC, on the floor of IEC and open area

Without electric connection and supply

with electric connection and supply

Up to 3 cub m

80 euro

150 euro

Up 6 cub m

150 euro

220 euro

Up 10 cub. m

220 euro

290 euro

Up 15 cub. m

290 euro

360 euro